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Beet Kvass Trio
Beet Kvass Trio
Beet Kvass Trio
Beet Kvass Trio
Beet Kvass Trio

Garden Goddess

Beet Kvass Trio

$ 30.00

This is our most popular choice... what's better than one delicious beet kvass? Three delicious beet kvass!

Beet Kvass has been used for 2 centuries as a fermented health drink. Fermentation accentuates the nutrient line up making it a powerhouse for detoxing the liver and blood.  

Beet Kvass is hydrating, kills sugar cravings, yeast and fungus.  It oxygenates your blood to give you that boost of energy and mental clarity whether you need to kill a hangover from stress, sugar, alcohol, or that extra mile on your run.  

Up to 2 ounces is considered a serving and is all it takes to get these wonderful benefits. 

All Organic Beets, Cinnamon, Cloves and tons of Love

Always remember to keep refrigerated.

Drink up to 2 - 2oz servings a day


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