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When I first started my kitchen, it was just a great place for me to ferment my own products, while at the same time help launch and support like-minded food businesses. Well that was almost 2 years ago - and I never thought I would fall so in love with my community around this kitchen.

Since then, we’ve joined the McDowell Miracle Mile Business Association. I just love that they help to grow small businesses like mine. They have connected me with non-profits like Kiva to help me secure funding to grow my business. I especially love that the KIVA crowd lending program helps me reach out to my tribe to get a great interest-free loan - and my tribe actually gets paid back.  

With Kiva, we’re on a timeline. We have 15 days to invite, post, and secure funds up to a 30% milestone, or 25 lenders. After that, our profile is opened up publically for 30 additional days to the KIVA network for more exposure and funding.  

With your support, once we reach the $10,000 goal, we get the loan for 36 months. You, as lenders, get paid back on a monthly basis, as long as you submitted your loan thru KIVA. 

We have already successfully submitted to Basha's and AJ’s, and we look forward to their first order. If you are a customer and would like us to be at your store, please ask the manager to request Pick Up the Beet!

It's exciting to be growing. I'm grateful for the great team behind me as I navigate the process of scaling up to the next level. I appreciate everyone's support, good vibes, love, and patience, as we work thru growing challenges.  

Thank you so much for your consideration. We love our tribe and appreciate your support.

Pick up the Beet!


With tons of love,


Use this link to Lend Now!