Kowboy Kraut

Kowboy Kraut

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All of Our Sauerkraut is Raw, Plant Based, Whole Food, Organic, Vegan. Each Spoonful Contains Trillions Of Live Vegan Probiotics 

(All Organic Green Cabbage, Celery, Red Onoins, Red Bell Peppers, Green Chile, Garlic, Sea Salt, Cumin, Peppercorn, 100% Vegan Plant Based Probiotics and TONS OF LOVE)

Can you believe we fit all that flavor in one jar?!  Let this kraut sit in the fridge a couple more months and hold on to your hats!! The longer it sits the better it gets!  

Take a few spoonfuls everyday. Put it on eggs, burritos, smoked meats, turkey sandwiches or just plain outta the jar.

*We are unable to ship more than 3 Krauts OR 3 Kvass OR a 64oz Kraut in a medium-sized flat rate box. Please place more than one order if your shipment size is larger than 3 Krauts, 3 Kvass, or one 64oz Kraut, thank you!*

**SHIPPING DISCLAIMER** Shipping fermented foods can be a challenge, especially with temperatures in the summertime. We USPS Priority Mail ship on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure packages are received with little delay as possible. But, as soon as those little bacterias wake up they start hustling and bubbling and create gasses that need to escape. Along with that comes some leakage out of our control. Please rest assured that your Kraut is still safe to consume, just make sure you refrigerate it as soon as you receive it! Thank you! **SHIPPING DISCLAIMER**

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