Kraut juice trio

Kraut juice trio

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Start with 2 ounce serving per day and increase up to twice a day over 4 weeks

Savor the kraut juice and please respect it.  Kraut juice is a very powerful drink from the sauerkrauts themselves.  They are rich in enzymes, probiotics and nutrients and are great for detoxing.  Each kraut has it's own juice and you can find the ingredients there.  

Please ease into the juice and start out with 2 ounces at a time. Supplies are limited and we cannot gurantee a specific flavor.  They are all more yummy than you could ever imagine and certainly better for you than the new pickle juice slushee out there.

PLEASE READ!  Do not over consume until you know how much your system can handle.  We strongly recommend to keeping it to 2 oz a day.  No refunds for over indulging and going thru a painful detox 😁