Pastured Raised Pork Lard (PHX Delivery Only)

Local PHX Delivery Only! We deliver up to a 10 mile radius of zip code 85006.

16oz glass jar.  Pastured pork lard is made by rendering the prized and purest fat (suet) from around the pig's kidney.  This fat is mild in flavor and aroma, once it is clarified.  

It is also nutrient dense and filled with cell-healing cholesterol and saturated fats.  Great for sauteing veggies, frying meats, adding to bone broth, sauces, and gravies.  It's solid white at room temperature and melts clear.  High smoke point of about 400 degrees F. similar to tallow and brellow.  Lard is to a pig as tallow is to a cow.  Does NOT contain salt.  16 oz  

Save every part of a well tendered animal.


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