Discovering the Magic of Sauerkraut and its Health Benefits

Discovering the Magic of Sauerkraut and its Health Benefits

In 2020, the worldwide market for probiotic supplements used for gastrointestinal health was worth 1.1 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to grow more.

Do you know why?

Because people are leveraging the value of probiotics to maintain their overall health. Talking about probiotics, they are important because they support a healthy balance of good bacteria in the digestive system. They are known to help by breaking down food & absorbing nutrients more effectively. 

Without a doubt, they are like tiny helpers in our tummy that help digestion & protect us from harmful germs. They make sure that your belly works well. You can get probiotics from foods like yogurt and Organic Sauerkraut. So, probiotics are your body's helpers and ingredients to keep you in good shape.

Now, which probiotic is helpful for your body can be challenging for you. Therefore, today, we have designed this quick guide for you to discover the magic of Probiotics or Best Organic Sauerkraut and its health benefits. 

Know More About Sauerkraut

You will be surprised to know that Sauerkraut has been consumed for centuries & is a popular condiment & side dish in many countries. 

Sauerkraut is a special way of making cabbage. It is made by finely shredding cabbage and fermenting it in a brine solution. During the fermentation process, lactic acid bacteria naturally present on the cabbage (or added intentionally) convert the sugars in the cabbage into lactic acid. This gives Sauerkraut its characteristic tangy flavor and helps preserve the cabbage.

Furthermore, Sauerkraut is often used as a topping for hot dogs, sausages, or sandwiches and can also be incorporated into various recipes, such as stews and casseroles. In addition to its unique flavor, it is known for its probiotic qualities because of the beneficial bacteria produced during fermentation, which can be good for gut health.

Which are the Best & Trusted Sauerkraut?

  • Kowboy Kraut 64oz

  • Try one of the best products of Garden Goddess - Kowboy Kraut 64oz. Eating this Sauerkraut is like taking your taste buds on a wild ride in the Old West, and it's also good for your tummy! 

    This Sauerkraut is packed with many delicious flavors and has a special touch of cumin for a bold Southwestern taste. It also has colorful vegetables that are good for you because they have antioxidants that can strengthen your immune system. So, it's not only tasty but also good for your health!

  • Two 16oz Sauerkrauts (Mix & Match)

  • You can try the mix & match of these two Best Sauerkraut - Apple Horse Kraut & Dilly Hot Kraut.

    The first one is Apple Horse Kraut. This is made with straightforward ingredients that are delicious and great for your gut health. Enjoy Apple Horse Sauerkraut in so many ways. Use it to flavor your sandwiches, salads, or as a side dish. It's the perfect companion for your meals.

    Next in line is Dilly Hot Kraut, which brings the heat with a dash of zesty spices. It's the perfect blend of hot and tangy, giving your taste buds a fiery kick of flavor. This is made with the refreshing taste of dill, making it an ideal partner for your favorite sandwiches, burgers, or as a zesty side dish.Dilly Hot Kraut is not just sauerkraut; it's a culinary adventure. Use it to spice your meals, and let the bold flavors elevate your dishes.

    Ultimately, you can combine these two sauerkrauts to ignite your taste buds & improve your gut health. 

    Do You Know the Nutritional Values of Sauerkraut?

    100 g of sauerkraut contains:

    • Calories – 24 kcal 
    • Fat – 0 grams 
    • Carbs – 4 g
    • Fibre – 2.5 g 
    • Protein – 1.6 g

    What are the Health Benefits of Taking Sauerkraut?

    Eating Sauerkraut can be good for your health in several ways:

  • Happy Tummy

  • Sauerkraut has special good bacteria called probiotics that help your stomach work better. This can make your digestion smoother and help prevent tummy troubles like constipation or diarrhea.

  • Vitamins and Minerals

  • Sauerkraut is also packed with vitamins like vitamin C (good for your immune system) and vitamin K (important for your blood and bones). It even has minerals like iron and calcium that your body needs.

  • Protection from Bad Stuff

  • Sauerkraut has things called antioxidants that help protect your cells from damage. This might help keep you healthy and lower the risk of getting sick.

  • Happier Mood

  • Some research suggests that the good bacteria in Sauerkraut might make you feel better mentally, helping with anxiety and depression.

  • Weight and Heart

  • It could also help with weight management and keeping your heart healthy by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

    Choose Your Choice of Sauerkrauts at Garden Goddess 

    Garden Goddess is one of the trusted & best sellers of Sauerkraut. Our Sauerkraut is a celebration of nature's bounty, crafted with love and care to bring the finest flavors from the garden to your table.

    Being one of the trusted Sauerkraut Brands, our range of sauerkrauts is made from the finest hand-picked cabbage grown in lush, sun-kissed gardens. We believe that great Sauerkraut starts with the freshest ingredients, so we source our cabbage locally, ensuring a farm-to-fork experience.

    Garden Goddess Sauerkrauts isn’t just a condiment; it's a culinary companion. Elevate your meals with a dollop of Sauerkraut on hot dogs, sandwiches, or as a delightful side dish. 

    So, improve the gut health of yourself & your family today!

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