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From sugar cravings to hangovers, our 100% vegan, organic probiotic beet kvass tonic is quenching, hydrating, and gives your body a boost of sustaining energy.
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Organic. Raw. Fermented. Healing.

Supports Mental Clarity
Helps Relieve Hangovers
Reduces Sugar Cravings
Detoxifies the Liver
Beet Kvass is the bomb - a bodily beneficial one! Our Kvass gets at the root of sugar cravings in a thirst-quenching and hydrating way. Whether you’re looking for a nutrient-dense drink, to gain a boost at the gym, or need to handle a hangover, this is the go-to beverage you’ve been looking for. Refining recipes and drawing on traditions dating back centuries, we’ve developed a tonic that can benefit your quality of life. Beet Kvass oxygenates the blood and promotes mental clarity.‍Just 2 ounces a day can get you back on track to better digestion, a healthier microbiome and a fresh sense of energy!
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Customer Testimonials

"Absolutely love what these foods have done for my digestive health and energy levels, I rarely have sugar cravings too! Thank you Suzette for such wonderful products for our health."
-Sandy Y.
"Great kraut! Garden Goddess knows their stuff!! Their quality Kraut & Kvass is a staple in our home! With optimum health benefits and taste, after trying these you'll never go back to the supermarket krauts again!"
-Linda M.
"I absolutely love this!! I mix mine with a glass of water or just drink it straight! The health benefits are through the roof ! Give it a try!!!"
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Eat Your Probiotics!

Our kraut is a blend of raw, plant based, organic and 100% whole food goodness. One tablespoon of kraut per day provides a plethora of nutrient-rich probiotics, found only in naturally-fermented foods. Fermentation breaks down plant cell walls, unlocking nutrients and making foods easier for the body to digest and benefit from. Moreover, vegetable ferments provide hundreds of strains of bacteria - far more than bottled, mass-produced probiotics can offer.

We consider carefully what goes into our recipes, insisting on the highest-quality ingredients for flavor and your health. One jar of our homemade kraut replaces more than 8 bottles of processed probiotic products!
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Probiotic Power Pack

3 Beet Kvass + 3 Kraut Flavors
‍This is it!  The best probiotics to feed your gut and improve the health of your microbiome.  You pick your kraut flavors and with a beet kvass trio, you are set to go with a variety pack of probiotics.
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