Pick Up the Beet!
Pick up the Beet is our signature probiotic-rich tonic. It’s organic, raw, and vegan. You’ll find plenty of gut-healthy ingredients on the label, but you won’t find sugar or vinegar. This fermented beverage helps boost the immune system, curb sugar cravings, increase mental clarity, and maximize physical performance. All you need is 2 ounces a day.
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Organic. Raw. Fermented. Healing.

Boosts the Immune System
Opens the Blood Vessels
Detoxifies the Liver
Optimizes Digestion
Beet kvass is an ancient remedy for a modern, healthy lifestyle. This nutrient-dense, fermented beverage is full of probiotics, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory agents. It aids in digestion, increases mental clarity, reduces sugar cravings, and helps open the blood vessels. Pick up the Beet is a naturally hydrating drink that increases staying power during physical activity.Two ounces a day, and you're on your way to better digestion and enriched overall health.
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Customer Testimonials

"Absolutely love what these foods have done for my digestive health and energy levels, I rarely have sugar cravings too! Thank you Suzette for such wonderful products for our health."
-Sandy Y.
"Great kraut! Garden Goddess knows their stuff!! Their quality Kraut & Kvass is a staple in our home! With optimum health benefits and taste, after trying these you'll never go back to the supermarket krauts again!"
-Linda M.
"I absolutely love this!! I mix mine with a glass of water or just drink it straight! The health benefits are through the roof ! Give it a try!!!"
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Eat Your Probiotics!

Fermented vegetables house hundreds of strains of bacteria. Bottled, mass-produced products can’t compete with nature. Our legendary krauts are raw, plant-based, and organic. And they deliver nutrient-rich probiotics found only in naturally fermented foods. We insist on using high-quality ingredients in our recipes. Because that’s how we bring out the best flavors and maximum health benefits. Sure, pasteurizing gives products a longer shelf-life. But the heat kills the bacteria (even the good ones). That’s why we don’t. And why we won’t. Every jar is packed to the brim with love and healing energy. This leaves no room for sugar or chemicals. We like it that way.

One tablespoon a day is all it takes to put help put your gut back in balance. One jar of our homemade kraut replaces more than 8 bottles of processed probiotic products!
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Probiotic Power Pack

3 Beet Kvass + 3 Krauts
Here it is! The high-quality, probiotics you need to help improve the health of your microbiome. View our remarkable offerings and select the krauts you want added to your kvass trio. You’re a power pack away from a gut-healthy day.
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