Fresh From the Farm

Spreading a Little Healing Bacteria through Probiotic Fermented Food

Feel the love!


I am overweight and dealing with issues due to my weight, swollen wrists and ankles, fatigue and pain. Since I've been consuming these fermented products I have lost 12lbs, the swelling has completely gone away and I have energy again! 


I love this product. It's a great natural replacement for probiotic pills or supplements as it contains so many more strands and has so many additional benefits. Not only that, it helps reduce sugar cravings and helps detoxify the system. As an Integrative Health Coach, I recommend this product to my clients as they will reap many benefits from this natural product!


I have been using your product every day and it has made a HUGE improvement in my digestive health. 


Organic. Raw. Fermented.

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