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Beet kvass is an ancient remedy for a modern, healthy lifestyle. This nutrient-dense, fermented beverage is full of probiotics, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory agents. It aids in digestion, increases mental clarity, reduces sugar cravings, and helps open the blood vessels. A naturally hydrating drink that increases staying power during physical activity.โ€ Two ounces a day is all you need for better digestion and enriched overall health.

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  • Dr. Weil

    Of all the fermented vegetable products Iโ€™ve tried, Garden Goddess Ferments are the best.ย  The flavors are clean and bright, and they fizz with probiotic energy. The Beet Kvass is a show stopper; the Kowboy and Power Krauts are best in class. I recommend them highly.

  • Dr. Dever

    Understanding and nourishing our microbiome is key to overall health, serving as our primary immune defense and aiding nutrient absorption. I often compare the gut to our "Grand Central Station," a central hub influencing our mood via serotonin production. It's crucial to feed our microbiome well, and I highly recommend fermented foods from Garden Goddess.

  • Dr. Alejandro

    Beet kvass is remarkable because it can aid individuals who have a buildup of candida and require liver detoxification. I highly recommend that they consume beet kvass, as it can help alleviate sugar cravings. Personally, I take 2 ounces of beet kvass three times a day.

Eat Your Probiotics!

Raw. Organic. Probiotic. Vegan.

Fermented vegetables are nature's probiotic powerhouse. Our krauts are raw, organic, and plant-based, offering unique probiotics unmatched by mass-produced alternatives. Quality ingredients mean best flavors and health benefits. While pasteurization extends shelf-life, it destroys beneficial bacteria, so we skip it. Our krauts, made with care and devoid of sugar or chemicals, outperform 8 bottles of commercial probiotics. Just a tablespoon daily can help balance your gut.

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Meet Suzette

Raised in rural Georgia, I cherished the garden-to-table lessons from my parents. As a mother, I've always leaned towards natural remedies and pure ingredients. My passion? Rediscovering the magic of fermented foods as superfoods. As I craft each product, my heart swells with gratitude for the opportunity to positively impact our community. Join our journey in embracing the healing power of beneficial bacteria. Thank you for your support.

~Suzette ๐Ÿ’œ

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