Bringing Healing Bacteria to the Masses

We're seeing a rise in auto-immune, digestive, and chronic diseases. A situation attributable to an abundance of processed foods that lack the nutrients our bodies need to function correctly. Our food is making us sick. And we want to fix that.

-Suzette, Founder

Reviving Ancient Remedies for Modern Wellness

Ancient civilizations fermented foods to preserve them and allow them to be enjoyed out of season. Today, fermenting foods does more than give them a longer shelf-life. It increases the nutritional value and delivers the vitamins and trace minerals missing from modern foods.

We're passionate advocates for fueling our bodies with probiotic-dense foods that can help reverse the damage caused by a nutrient-starved diet. We believe in using food as medicine.

We believe in supporting our community by sourcing our produce from small businesses and local farmers. Our organic, vegan, nutrient-dense products are available throughout Arizona and select farmers' markets. And we happily ship our beet kvass almost anywhere.

We're proud to be a trusted partner on your path to wellness.

Meet Suzette, Founder

Growing up in rural Georgia, I learned early the art of cooking from the garden. My parents were modern-day pioneers of their land, my Father being an avid hunter and gardener and my Mom catering to our church, weddings, and special events. She is also a gifted baker, seamstress, potter and currently queen of Candy Crush.

I really admire my Mom's tenacity in learning new arts with foods, fabric or clay and only hope I have a fraction of her talent.

Since becoming a Mom over 2 decades ago, I have first sought natural remedies and strive for better food choices and always come back to the same thing, keep it simple and whole.  Eating food on purpose and starting with ingredients in their whole natural state.  Along the journey, I've learned so much about supplements, food and discovering fermented foods is super exciting.

I'm intrigued by the traditions built around cultured foods and how we have rediscovered fermented foods as being a superfood.   As I shred, slice-dice, and pound 400 pounds of cabbage and veggies I reflect on how grateful I am to be given this opportunity to serve my community.  It truly makes my heart smile to see bright faces and hear how our products have changed a life.  

Thank you for your support and join me on our mission to spread some healing bacteria. ~ Suzette