Our Story

We're seeing a rise in auto-immune, digestive, and chronic diseases. A situation attributable to an abundance of processed foods that lack the nutrients our bodies need to function correctly. Our food is making us sick. And we want to fix that.

Ancient civilizations fermented foods to preserve them and allow them to be enjoyed out of season. Today, fermenting foods does more than give them a longer shelf-life. It increases the nutritional value and delivers the vitamins and trace minerals missing from modern foods.

We're passionate advocates for fueling our bodies with probiotic-dense foods that can help reverse the damage caused by a nutrient-starved diet. We believe in using food as medicine.

We believe in supporting our community by sourcing our produce from small businesses and local farmers. Our organic, vegan, nutrient-dense products are available throughout Arizona and select farmers' markets. And we happily ship our beet kvass almost anywhere.

We're proud to be a trusted partner on your path to wellness.

Thank you for your support, and please do join us on our mission to bring some healing bacteria to the masses. ~ Suzette

Our Team

We’re a community committed to educating people about the many benefits of fermented foods. We believe in preparing foods with a purpose and improving the quality and vitality of life. Our team members subscribe to the ancient philosophy of nurturing our bodies with raw, organic foods. And they carefully pack and ship each order with love and healing energy.