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One tablespoon of kraut per day provides a plethora of nutrient-rich probiotics, found only in naturally-fermented foods. We consider carefully what goes into our recipes, insisting on the highest-quality ingredients for flavor and your health.

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Beet Kvass Fermented Beet Tonic

All Organic Beets, Cinnamon, Cloves and Tons of Love

Beet Kvass is the bomb - a bodily beneficial one! Our Kvass gets at the root of sugar cravings in a thirst-quenching and hydrating way. Whether you’re looking for a nutrient-dense drink, to gain a boost at the gym, or need to handle a hangover, this is the go-to beverage you’ve been looking for. Refining recipes and drawing on traditions dating back centuries, we’ve developed a tonic that can benefit your quality of life.

Beet Kvass oxygenates the blood and promotes mental clarity.  Just 2 ounces per day can deliver better digestive health, renewed reserves of energy and a healthier microbiome.

Apple Horse

Organic Apples, Kale and Mint, Horseradish root and Tons of Love

This is our most mild kraut but don’t let that mildness fool you.  Apple Horse is loaded with horseradish!  Fermentation tones down the sting of horseradish so you get the benefit without the burn.  Did you know horseradish is really good for your heart?

Dilly Hot

Organic Green Cabbage, Fresh Dill, Serrano Chili Peppers, Himalayan Sea Salt, and a Ladle Full of Love!

Let the record show that we were dilly before dilly was cool… or hot. Well, you get the idea. Because, in our opinion, nothing tops the taste of sour dill with a dash of heat. And with cabbage and Serrano chili peppers, a small daily dose is a great source of vitamin C, a savory shield against the scourge of scurvy.  

Kowboy Kraut

Organic Green Cabbage, Celery, Red Onions, Red Bell Peppers, Green Chile, Garlic, Sea Salt, Cumin, Peppercorn, and a Ludicrous Level of Love

Hold on to your hats! This kraut is fully loaded with flavor, and complemented with cumin for a proper southwest send-off. Our vividly-colored veggies are packed with antioxidants of course, so your gut will give gratitude!  

Power Kraut

Organic Red Cabbage, Carrots, Green Onions, Cilantro, Garlic, Turmeric, Ginger, Himalayan Sea Salt, and a Liberal Dose of Love

Power Kraut is our signature sauerkraut, packed with veggies and herbs to nourish the body with an abundance of benefits. Its red cabbage boasts special antioxidant properties, along with anti-inflammatory herbs, garlic and turmeric. Ginger is front-and-center in this ferment, making it a great complement to salads.

Have No Doubt in Our Kraut!

According to #docswhoprescribefood, some strains of beneficial bacteria are only found in fermented foods.

One tablespoon of kraut per day provides a plethora of nutrient rich probiotics, found only in fermented foods.

Fermentation breaks down plant cell walls, unlocking nutrients and making foods easier for the body to digest and benefit from.

Moreover, vegetable ferments provide hundreds of strains of bacteria - far more than bottled, mass-produced probiotics can offer.