Shipping Notice
  • We do not, will not, never ever ever pasteurize or use vinegar to make shelf stable. PLEASE REFRIGERATE upon receipt.
  • Your bottles may experience some activity while in transport to you. You may notice some to a bit of leakage. The product is ok, it just started actively fermenting again and the gasses caused it to get excited and escape.  Please put in the fridge right away and it will go back to a slower ferment and is safe to consume. 
  • I cannot control the way our boxes are handled outside our care, we do our best and if you receive a damaged package, please take a pic and send to me so we can file a claim.  We will replace your damaged product.  We have everything priced to ship in quantities of 1 except the 32 oz Beet Kvass.  Up to 2 Beet Kvass 32 can be shipped.
  • We can ship anywhere in the United States USPS ships priority.  
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