Fermented sauerkraut aids in digestion with probiotics

Discover the Potency of Fermented Foods

When you regularly eat fermented foods, you really don’t need to take any supplements or vitamins. 

For people who want to be healthy, eating fermented foods such as kvass, kefir and sauerkraut is a great option because they provide our digestive system with healthy gut bacteria. Fermented foods go through the process of fermentation where the natural bacteria feed on the starch and sugar in the food hence creating lactic acid. This process preserves the food and creates beneficial, Omega-3-fatty acids and various strains of probiotics.

These foods have significant benefits to the body which range from boosting the immune system, easing the irritable bowel syndrome, help in digesting and assimilation of food and are beneficial for those with autism.  The main benefits associated with fermented foods is that they help with any kind of gastrointestinal problems.

Living in the world of convenience we are used to today, we see most people are prone to taking vitamins or probiotic supplements in pill form in order to achieve a higher level of health. These supplements are marketed as ways to increase the body’s intake of much-needed nutrients. What people fail to realize is that most of the content of these vitamins are not absorbed and are expelled from the body. This is why you might have bright yellow or bright orange urine after taking your daily dose of vitamins.

With probiotic supplements, it has been a concern that there are not enough live bacteria in the capsules to make it through the stomach and into the rest of the digestive system and those that do make it, are typically not enough to make any difference. The fact is that fermented foods contain a significant amount more good bacteria and are more likely to make it into our guts. 1 16oz jar contains more than 8 bottles of 100 count probiotics.

Here are some reasons why fermented foods are better than probiotics or vitamins:

  • Easily digested in the body because they are bioavailable. Fermentation predigests the essential nutrients such as minerals, B vitamins, enzymes, and the microflora increases the bioavailability of the nutrients in the fermented food, making it more digestible.
  • A higher quantity of good bacteria makes it into the gut - When you consume fermented foods, the food provides a protective wall that shields the friendly bacteria from the acid in the stomach and also speeds up the transportation from the stomach to the colon and small intestines hence keeping the bacteria intact. The bacteria work in the colon and small intestines and then break down and process foods even more, thus providing essential nutrients required to power-up the immune system. Pills are trapped by the acids in the stomach which kill the bacteria before they are used in the body.
  • The bacteria in the fermented foods are alive and active - This means you are receiving live bacteria rather than the inactive bacteria in pill form. There are very few strains of lactic acid bacteria in probiotic vitamins compared to fermented foods. These foods also contain a diverse population of strains, making them exponentially more effective.
  • No use of heat - You are assured that the essential amino acids and nutrients are preserved in the fermentation process. This means that you are getting more energy and more essential nutrients.
  • Contain all essential nutrients of the microflora- These work so as to promote the growth of good bacteria while the vitamin supplements contain bacteria only, making them relatively ineffective.
  • Much cheaper than vitamins or probiotic supplements- You can purchase fermented foods for a less expensive price than a bottle of pills or even make them at home by using a fermentation crock.

When you regularly eat fermented foods, you really don’t need to take any supplements or vitamins. Fermented foods contain most of the required maximum nutrients and probiotic boost the body needs. Because these foods are more bioavailable, they are more easily assimilated into every cell of your body. So, start saving money, time and your guts by adding these foods to your daily diet. We make it easy by offering at many retail locations and farmers markets around town. We even allow purchase through our website so you can order and have it delivered right to your home. Please see our store for details: https://ggferments.com/collections/all



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Thank you so much for this!!! I keep thinking I need to add extra supplements to my son’s diet like probiotics and vitamins! But he drinks kvass and eats sauerkraut and kombucha almost every single day! Plus yogurt and hopefully I will be adding kiefer to the meal plan. He eats more veggies than meat, but still gets enough protein from eggs fish and crispy nut butter! I’m just never sure I’m doing enough! I’ve been looking for answers and came across your page! Thank you again so much!

Samantha —

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