How do I eat thee?

How do I eat thee?

Fantastically fun ways to eat kraut!

Let me count the ways!

Sure, shoving a fork-full of our fermented kraut into your mouth is fun, but there are other ways to load your gut with a daily dose of probiotics.

Try including this powerful superfood in your diet in the fun ways listed below!

Add it
Add it to your potato salad, egg salad, tuna salad (instead of pickle relish).
Top it
Put it on top of your bagel and lox, eggs (any way you like ‘em), avocado toast, burger, baked/mashed potatoes, rice.
Pair it
Pair it with artisan cheese and crusty bread.
Mix it
Mix it with shredded carrots, thinly sliced red onions, and an apple for a summer slaw.
Stuff it
Stuff it in your breakfast burrito or sandwich. Kowboy up!
Blend it
Blend it with cream cheese or hummus for a delicious dip or in salad dressing for the makeover your greens have been screaming for. We've got the power!
Substitute it
Substitute it for lettuce in your fish tacos.


How’s your fridge looking? Is there a void where the Kraut should be?  No problem.  

Are you in Arizona?  Load your AJ’s Fine Food’s Instacart with your favorite flavor.  

 Not in Arizona (or you are but let’s face it - you’d rather not get out in this heat)?  Order here, and we’ll ship it to you.  

Let us know your favorite way to eat your Kraut in the comments below. 
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