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The Magic of Fermented Garlic + Recipe

Turbocharge the health benefits of raw garlic by fermenting it. 

Turbocharge the health benefits of raw garlic by fermenting it. Here's what you'll get:  

  • An antibiotic. It can help stop the infections that are caused by bacteria.
  • An immune trigger. It can kick up the number of natural killer cells (NK cells) and make them stronger and live longer in the bloodstream. NK cells (white blood cells) are tasked with rejecting tumors and cells infected with viruses. 
  • An anti-inflammatory. Decreasing inflammation in your body can lessen the symptoms associated with arthritis, IBS, lupus, and other autoimmune issues. This tasty dynamo can also lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, and obesity. Studies have shown that reducing inflammation can also lower cholesterol and reduce symptoms of depression.
  • A natural blood clot reducer. It can keep the blood circulating and clotting as it should.
  • A parasite destroyer. Certain parasites can't live in garlic's presence. 
  • An expectorant. It can reduce the amount of gunk in the lungs.
  • A digestive aid. It makes the stomach produce more bile, which breaks down fats into fatty acids and moves it through the digestive tract easier. 

Catch the replay of Suzette preparing fermented garlic.


Fermented Garlic Recipe


Organic garlic

3% brine


Weigh garlic down in a fermenting container and cover with a 3% brine.  Leave the container on the counter for 4 - 7 days, then put it in the refrigerator.  It'll last for years.  

ps  It's OK if it turns blue.


Make this fermented garlic for yourself and start reaping the seemingly endless benefits of this excellent food.


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