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Thu, Apr 30, 20
How to Make Kraut Juice Mayo
Kraut juice is a great digestive loaded with probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Check out this delicious recipe using our signature Kowboy Kraut juice for a probiotic rich mayo!
Tue, Oct 02, 18
Pick Up the Beet

Beet-ing the Hangover Blues with Our Magical Beet Kvass! "Alcohol depletes a number of minerals, particularly zinc, potassium and magnesium." Beet Kvass is a fermented beet tonic with medieval origins from Russia and Ukraine. Known as a cure-all tonic, this drink is used to help support liver function and help with blood filtration through the gallbladder. It was even used as a replacement for tainted water during times of communicable disease in Europe. How? With a high concentration of B vitamins, essential minerals, and folate. Oh, but there's so much more... At Garden Goddess, we ferment a mixture of Pink Himalayan salt,...

Fri, May 25, 18
Suzette & Dr. Dever Talk About Fermented Foods

Garden Goddess Founder Suzette sits down with Dr. James Dever of Mesa, Arizona to talk about the importance of gut health and adding fermented foods to your diet.

Thu, Jun 08, 17
Summer Fresh Fermented Salsa Recipe

Here's the Dealio, summers in Arizona are just plain hot. You may live in another part of the world and that is great. You will enjoy this recipe too! But, when you are craving that mid-day snack, fresh cold salsa sounds like such a refreshing idea. Well, we just kicked it up a notch by letting it sit a little while longer and ferment! Now, get those healthy gut bugs with every savory bite! Ingredients 5 pounds of organic tomatoes  2 bunches organic green onion 1 bunch cilantro 2 green chili peppers  1 jalapeno 1-2 garlic cloves 1-2 tsp ground...

Mon, Apr 17, 17
Interview with Dr. Angelina Alejandro

Suzette Smith had a great discussion with Dr. Angelina Alejandro about the importance of Live Bacteria & Optimal Health. Please watch the video and share with those you care about. People don't always let you know if they're suffering from chronic digestive conditions! This information is Vital to everyone's health! Thank You!